This is the car my dad and I zoom around in. About 2500 of these were produced starting in 1975 during the oil embargo crisis.  This particular model was one of the first made. Very utilitarian. Drop in vinyl windows, doors don't lock, no heating or cooling. These early models had an on board charger to replenish the eight 6 volt batteries located under the passenger seats. This early model did not have a solid state controller meaning that it was not able to deliver a full range of voltage to

1975 Citicar

the 3 h.p. GE motor.  Instead this car had large relays to configure three different voltages and therefore three different speeds for the vehicle.  The motor is mounted directly to the differential and there is no transmission.  The low speed is about 12 volts, middle speed is 24 volts and at 48 volts on flat ground the car will go about 38 mph.
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Links to other EV sites. Many of these links are old but I have kept them to remind people that these were the potential sites of future EVs. But due to the events depicted in the movie "Who Killed the Electric Vehicles" many of them don't exist anymore. Notice that the link to the car featured in the film, the EV1, is now the link to a concept car the Chevrolet Volt.

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This car WAS powered with
Clean Energy from

Green Mountain Power

Then Enron screwed the state of California
and Green Mountain had to pull out.


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